Benefits of Online Time Clock

o3First advantage of online time clock is the elimination of the time theft. One of the most highly regarded benefit of the time clock is its ability to eliminate the employee time theft. The online time clock can help detect the fraudulent attempts within just seconds and with the precision and will not rely on any kind of security camera, badge or FOB, or any pin number which all less accurate and secure choices. Integrating this toll with the scheduling management tool will allow the agency the ability to create a threshold that will require the employee to provide an explanation if they clocked in or out prior the scheduled shift time. Each of the agency allows to make use of their discretion basing on the reasoning if it will accept the actually punch in/out time or if it will keep at the scheduled time being set. Study more about online time clock here:

Another benefit of online time clock is its introduction to the light automated processes. All of the information in the online time clock is reported and stored in an automated system, thus eliminating the need to manually keep the time and the attendance. By doing such, it will help save time and confusion from the employees from refuting the wrong documented times, thus reduces the amount of the staff that is needed in order to help manage the data. This can also provide an accurate account on the time and attendance data to the payroll department. In implementing the online clock into the latest scheduling process will help to effectively manage the business process and this will eventually lead to increase of the productivity.

Finally, online time clock will help eliminate the buddy punching. This is a term that is used for the act of a single employee that is punching in for another employee with the use of the ID access. Though buddy punching is not allowed by law, employers still continue to lose millions of dollars in terms of its financial loss in a year. But with the help of online time clock help captures a unique kind of biological traits in order to detect a certain employee based in its specific makeup. The overall characteristic or psychological attributes or the person cannot be able to be duplicated or be forged eliminating its ability for its coworker to be clocking in or out for another employee.

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